Winners: Baby Feeding/Care



Little gPants are cute and comfy diaper covers that put the fun in diapering. Baby stays comfortable with gBreathe™ technology. Breathability helps keep rash at bay and baby’s skin fresh. Read more here.

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mimijumi bottle

This design is based on the psychological dynamics of feeding/soothing items as transitional objects. The benefits of breastfeeding are well known, but breastfeeding is not always practical in today’s society. Created with input from Designers, Mothers, Nurses, Physicians, and Lactation Experts, mimijumi’s first product the Very Hungry bottle was conceived as a natural, modern and stylish complement to breastfeeding. More info here

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Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover

Bebe au Lait provides a little extra privacy for breastfeeding moms while on-the-go, Bebe au Lait nursing covers help moms to feel at home while nursing in public. Bebe au Lait nursing covers are the only nursing cover that features a patented Rigiflex neckline, which allows mom and baby to maintain eye contact while nursing. More info here

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The Joovy Hook

The Joovy Hook is the only deluxe leatherette fabric hook-on chair on the market.  The Hook’s anodized aluminum frame not only looks great, it’s super lightweight and strong. The patented folding mechanism utilizes die-cast aluminum components to support a child up to 37 lbs.  More info here…


Wee Drool T-bibs

Wee Drool T-bibs are stylish waterproof bibs designed to look like a hip T-shirt but function like a bib. Our unique patent-pending three layered T-shirt like design will ease your mind of the worries that a normal bib poses while leaving your little one smiling in comfort. Read more here.

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oogaa mealtime set

Oogaa’s Mealtime Sets consist of one colorful 9 ounce silicone bowl and two silicone spoons shaped as a train and airplane. No more chips, breaks or loud noises when these utensils go whoops-a-daisy. From spoons that go vroom to bowls that reveal big smiles as you eat, oogaa feeding products are bright, engaging designs that make mealtimes fun for infants and adults alike. More info here...

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Perfect Bum

The Perfect Bum™ reusable diaper system is the result of creative collaboration between COCALO Inc. and the inventor Fredrica Coates.  A perfect combination of fashion and functionality supported by years of research, testing and improvement has created the Perfect Bum™.  For more info go here.

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Icky Baby Mats and Bibs

Our disposables are the first fashionable and eco friendly line of bibs, multi use change mats and color me place mats on the market. The bibs and mats are available in pink and brown Matisse for girls and blue Blast Off for boys. The line provides convenience for parents on the go and helps handle icky messes while still staying chic and fashionable! More info here

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Quick Smart Easy Fold Highchair

The QuickSmart Easy Fold High Chair has impeccable table manners. The simple fold mechanism lets you hide it away, fully assembled, in just seconds. Read more here.

green toys divided tray

Green Toys Divided Tray

The classic cafeteria tray just got an eco-friendly makeover. With the Green Eats™ Divided Tray, separating your Salisbury steak from your fruit cobbler is the right thing to do for the planet. Made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers, our colorful, reusable Divided Tray is ultra-safe and free of BPA, melamine, and phthalates. Read more here.

Green Toys Tumbler Pic

Green Toys Tumbler

A toast: To the world’s most environmentally friendly cups! Like all Green Eats™ tableware products, our colorful, reusable Tumblers are made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers. This ultra-safe recycled plastic has no melamine, BPA, phthalates, PVC, or external coatings. Read more here.