Winners: Mom's Style

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Camera Coats

Camera Coats are a new, stylish way to protect your SLR camera without having to carry around another bulky bag! With a “fitted” design and a soft fleece padding in between designer fabric you can face the elements without the worry of damaging your camera. More info here...

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DownEast Basics Womens apparel

DownEast Basics is a line of apparel for women and kids.  Chic, modest and super affordable!  There are so many fun looks to choose from…see more here

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Jeka Tree Sequoia Diaper Bag

The Sequoia Diaper Bag has quickly become a favorite among moms. The across the body messenger style strap allows you to have your hands free at all times and adds a stylish look to any wardrobe. Designed with 4 exterior pockets and 7 interior pockets to help keep your bag organized. They also act great as school, work, or travel bags. Each bag is handmade to be completely unique and one-of-a-kind More info here

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Lassig Diaper Bags

Green Label Urban bag made from recycled PET plastic, has a thoroughly modern, distinctive shape and is loaded with convenient features.

Glam Banana Bag :   Make a style statement with the Banana Bag! Lightweight quilting, a fun hobo shape and gorgeous colors make this a standout diaper bag.

Vintage Cosmo bag: Sporty and playful, the Cosmo is easy to carry & use with its wipe-clean coated-cotton exterior and comfy woven handles.  more info here…

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Cruisers by Electra

We just love the feeling of riding a bike. Its fun! We make bikes that make people smile. See more info here…


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Jeka Tree bloom accessories

Quickly add a pop of color and style to your outfit by wearing a Jeka Tree flower cuff bracelet. Pick from two different flower styles and hundreds of color combinations. The leather wrap bracelets are the newest addition to the collection and come in an assortment of colors and lengths. All accessories from the Bloom Accessory Line are made from 100% genuine leather. Each bracelet is hand cut and sewn to be completely unique and one-of-a-kind. More info here

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Hobo Iconic Wallet

Lauren:  Hobo’s iconic double frame clutch wallet. Legendary for its stylish design and carry-all attitude. Toss it in your bag or carry it alone.  See more info…

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Blendtec blender

The Designer Series will complement your kitchen. The sleek shape, vibrant interface and tasteful hues will beautify your home. The revolutionary new slider interface gives you absolute control over your blender’s speed. Precise touch sensors give you every bit of control you deserve. Touch anywhere on the slider to jump right to any speed, and slide your finger up and down to fine tune your blend. More info here

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Chic leather purse by Hobo

the looking up: Classic hobo shape with modern bohemian details. The soft, buttery leather drapes beautifully, and the contrast color edging adds that unexpected pop of color. It is the bag you just do not leave home without.  more info here…

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Celebrity Style bags ! Perfect as a purse or Diaper bag!  More info here

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Jeka Tree iPad sleeves

Tote along your iPad inside the stylish Olive iPad Sleeve. These trendy sleeves are designed to be both stylish and protective. The inside is layered with premium felt to help cushion and protect your iPad, and has 2 small pockets sewn in to hold all of your attachments & accessories. Each iPad sleeve is handmade to be completely unique and one-of-a-kind.  More info here

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Velvet Pepper Bag

Buying a Velvet Pepper is more than just having a functional bag… it is a fashion statement! Our bags are adorable and distinct with unique details that you won’t find anywhere else. We have combined the worlds of fashion and function, creating bags of all sizes for the woman on the go. Be prepare to turn heads and make the statement that you are a stylish mom! More info here

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prAna Activewear

The ultimate in softness these tunics, tops and bottoms are: made with Veeda fabric, internal shelf bras, longer length and fitted at the top. Read more about this company here.


Giro Helmets

The Skyla is equipped with key features for both road and off-road riding. Our Universal Fit sizing for women is tailored to fit, and our Acu Dial ™ fit system has been designed to accommodate ponytails. Its ventilation system provides ample cooling, even on the warmest days of summer. More info here…