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Compact Bag by In a Pikle

Life’s Crazy and we all find ourselves In A Pikle” a lot, this little organizer will help you Dill With It.

  • Fashionable and functional, with 8 clear compartments for easy access
  • The perfect travel companion – it organizes all the travel essentials and is compact and TSA compliant
  • For all the daily “unexpected” emergencies
  • Small enough to fit in a purse or glove box – perfect for the busy  woman “on the go”
  • Keep it packed and keep it with you - there is plenty of room for all the things you need
  • Several looks and designs for everyone

More info here

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The iStabilizer Flex

Flexible legs with wrapping capability allow you to secure your iStabilizer Flex™ to virtually any surface. Capture incredible images without the shakes typically associated with hand-held photography.

The iStabilizer Flex™ is small and agile enough to travel with you wherever life takes you. Just pop in your smartphone or mobile device and you’re ready to go! More info here

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Episencial Skin Care

Designed to enhance skin immunity. Offers 3-Step System to Cleanse, Nourish, Defend using Actively Healthy ingredients. Free from the bad stuff, loaded with the good stuff. Chosen by hospitals. Pediatrician recommended.  More info here

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Minnetonka Moccasins

Since our inception in 1946, Minnetonka has shaped the moccasin’s place as a staple of authentic American style. Today, our products can be seen all around the world — from the Boundary Waters of Minnesota to the streets of New York, London, and Tokyo. No matter the footprint, all are made with the same uncompromising craftsmanship using only the finest quality materials. Minnetonka continues to define American culture with classic design that is forever connected to our natural, free-spirited heritage. More info here


Monopod by iStabilizer

Take your mobile journalism to the next level or simply improve your self photography. The iStabilizer Monopod works with virtually all Smartphones and POV cameras including GoPro, Countour, Drift, and light camcorders. The included iStabilizer Mount™ (Patent Pending) can be used on any tripod with a standard ¼ x20” camera mount. More info here

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Winter Wonderland = Park’s Sportsman

Before you head to the hills and hit the slopes you will be sure to find all your great ski & snowboard gear at your one stop shop Park’s Sportsman. More info here

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Knot Genie Detangling Brush

The Knot Genie is a detangling brush that actually works!! This brush was created to help anyone who dreads the hair brushing drama of working through knots and tangles. The brush works great on all types and styles of hair. Our customers tell us that we are changing their lives! More info here

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Shabby Apple

Beautiful shouldn’t be complicated. Shabby Apple welcomes you to great dresses that make dressing simple for that chic holiday party. More info here

Flannel PJsSnuggle SuitFamily Style PJsLong JohnsSleep Landing

Cozy Chic with Hanna Andersson

Your most supreme sleep awaits in cozy chic styles in Hanna Andersson’s sleep shop. More info here

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Cold Winter Weather Wear

You’ll be sure to find all your winter goods at Park’s Sportsman and be able to stay cozy & warm while playing out in the cold winter weather! They always have new arrivals like a fresh new coat of snow. More info here

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Fancy Slips

Extend your dress or skirt in style and find the freedom that you want. Expand your options by adding length to a favorite skirt or add a fresh new look to your existing wardrobe. More info here